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by Salvo Capodieci

(psychiatrist – psychotherapist and scuba diver)

Diving is no longer a sport for the few, as it was in the past, instead nowadays it attracts millions of enthusiasts all around the globe. This is an activity proposed to mass tourism, so going under water no longer leads to that mythic dimension where it was believed that a depth gauge, a regulator, and loneliness where sufficient, rather it has become a social practice. For this reason, for the past few years, I have been analyzing the main aspects concerning the psychology of underwater activities and I made such topic subject of my university teachings.

My call goes to all those psychotherapists (divers or not) who are interested in starting a discussion on this topics and to all those divers whose desire is to better understand the hidden psychological aspects of this sport.

As all “extreme” sports, underwater diving encloses the fascination of the challenge of the unknown, very often corresponding to the need to find new emotionally charged experiences, yet at the same time it satisfies the need for adventure and for a close contact with nature in general and the sea environment in particular. Water is in fact, amongst the natural elements, the one that acquires the deepest significance at an unconscious and symbolic level.

My interest focuses on the search for the entire realm of studies on underwater diving, such as the “water element” in the diver, the characteristics of competition in underwater environments, the phenomenon of underwater stress and panic, the personality traits of the diver, the comparison between the psychodynamic characteristics of diving and those of other sports and the therapeutic potential that can be found in the practice of this discipline.

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